Return to Hillside Country Club, Festivals, and Legacy!

Hi Friends,

I will be joining the High Frequency Jazz Band at the Hillside Country Club (Rehoboth, MA) on Sunday (8/27) from 2-5pm. Come join us at the Tiki Bar overlooking the gorgeous fairway for an afternoon of great music and great food! Hint: Try the pizza!  Joining me are Brandon Widdell on drums and Matt Passeroni on bass.

Legacy has two upcoming shows: September 8th @ Ciara (Johnston, RI) and September 9th @ the Cape Verdean Club.  We have a lot of new material that we can't wait to play for you (including originals!).

10:2 (piano/bass duo) returns on September 17th for the Fall Out of Summer Festival.  We will be playing your favorite standards and more!

More to come soon. Stay tuned!  As always, thank you for your support.  I am grateful for you.



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